Friday, March 27, 2015

The Pune dairies - Day 4,5,6 - Vohuman Cafe

the best part about staying at Sassoon road was Vohuman Cafe. in fact i am pretty sure that its the best part of staying in Pune!

one reviewer on zomato goes to write " great place, great food, just dont try striking up a conversation with the grumpy old man at the counter".

Vohuman cafe, dont be surprised by the old school looks, the cracks and crevices on the floor and walls only reflects the fact that Vohuman Cafe has stood the test of time catering to the tastes of everyone belonging at every strata of society. that too at an affordable price!

the 4 days we stayed in Pune , we visited the place at least 8 times for breakfast and evening coffee.  we only missed breakfast the first morning as we didnt know the place was close by and took a horrible decision of visiting a 3 star hotel for breakfast buffet that cost us Rs 500/- per person.

the crowd at Vohuman is ever flowing. if u are lucky u will get an empty table almost the very minute u enter the cafe, if not u will need to wait till someone clears their table. we have seen traffic cops, news paper vendors, corporates, college students, rich, middle class, everyone make a bee line at Vohuman for their daily dose of eggs and coffee.

the must try is the delicious buttered toast and bulls eye. am sure, even the fitness freaks on cheat days visit Vohuman cafe.

the scrambled special 

buttered toast

bulls eye

the amount of butter consumed every hour i guess
and speaking of the grumpy old man. i cant blame him if he is grumpy. he has standards to maintain. and he was not really grumpy, managing to strike a pose for Niki as well. we told him we are from Mangalore and that brought a smile to his face and we bought a packet of tea biscuits. he then showed us a photo of him with celeb Salman Khan and also told us thundered "even Salman called me to Mumbai, but i wont leave this place even i am paid Rs 1 crore".

he then looked at my face and said, "baba please shave, so nice u look without that beard"

uncle with salman khan

uncle with niki
wish to visit the Iconic Irani cafe soon!

an average buttered toast + coffee + bullseye for 2 people will cost Rs 250/-

Next post - Bye Bye Pune + road trip to Mumbai

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